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What do I need to create a Story Sphere?

You will need a 360 image, and at least one piece of audio.

How to make a Story Sphere:

  • Log in, and click ‘CREATE’.
  • Enter the title and description. Read the terms and conditions before uploading content. Click ‘NEXT’.
  • Upload a 360 degree image in a .jpeg or .jpg format. Click ‘NEXT’.
  • Upload at least one audio file and place it inside the 3D space, using the the positioning tool. Click ‘NEXT’.
  • If you would like to link to another Story Sphere select the title from the list, and place in the 3D space using the the positioning tool. Click ‘NEXT’.
  • You’re done. Now you can share it, embed it into your site, or submit it to be apart of the public gallery.

How do I create a 360 image?

To capture this type of image, you could use
  • The Photo Sphere app on iOS
  • The native camera on Android
  • Speciality cameras like the Ricoh Theta
  • You could even stitch together SLR photographs into a 360 image.

Image format and size

Images must be:
  • .jpg or .jpeg
  • a ratio of 2:1
  • Ideal image resolution: 4000 x 2000 pixels

Audio Format

All audio must be uploaded in .mp3 format only.

What is the difference between background audio and hot spot audio?

There are 2 audio types: background, and hot spot.

Background audio will automatically play as the user begins looking around a scene. It can be placed so that the audio pans depending on where you look.

Hot spot audio is only triggered when the user taps or hovers over the sound.

Upload limit

Each Story Sphere is currently limited to maximum of 15 mb. This includes your image and audio files. To keep your files small, try limiting the audio data rate. The smaller the Story Sphere, the faster it loads, the happier the viewer.

How do I embed my Story Sphere?

On the Publish page, click the 'embed' button. You will be presented with options for size, credits, uploading your logo and to include the title. These details are visualised in a preview, so that you can see what works best for you. Copy the embed code, and paste it into your site.

Can I use Google Cardboard to view a Story Sphere?

On your Android mobile device you can choose to view a Story Sphere in Cardboard mode, designed for Google’s Cardboard VR Goggles.The public gallery is where we share the magic and diversity of Story Spheres content.

Want to submit your Story Sphere? On the Publish page, check the 'Publish to public gallery' box and pending approval we will put it up there with the best ones.


If you are viewing a Story Sphere and it seems inappropriate, you can report it by emailling admin@storyspheres.com. with the reason and link to the Story Sphere.


If you're having trouble, please email admin@storyspheres.com. In your email please include the name and version of the browser you are using and your favourite animal. We like sloths.

Supported devices / browsers

Story Spheres is supported on iOS 8, Android v5 and desktop Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Currently some audio isn’t supported on iPads, you can explore the Story Sphere however may not be able to hear any audio, please try another device for a full experience.